100 Days (Creative) Project: Day #1

Today was “supposed” to be a fairly quiet day. In all actuality? Not so much.

I did want to pop on really quickly, though, and share something that I started yesterday.

Now, those of you who have known me for quite awhile, I know that I love to be creative! (Unfortunately, given that I was born under an Aries sun… I tend to start a lot of things, but not finish them. I’m working to do better with that though.)

It is my belief that we are creator-beings. It is in our very nature to be creative, and when we aren’t – in some form or another – it can eat away at us. At least, such is the case for me.

So, when I came across members in the Zentangle All Around community on Facebook sharing their progress with the 100 Day Project I became curious. After a bit of research, I decided to start my own project. Why not?!

Here is Day #1 for my project. She’s still in the rough stages, but I’m really pleased with her so far.



What do you do to feed your creativity?

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