Soul Sunday

Are You Really Living or Just Marking Time? | Soul Sunday

This was the question I was faced with upon waking up this morning.

Many of us go through life as though we’re “just here”. We take it one day at a time, allowing the winds of change to take us where they will. Often, we don’t feel as though there is anything else available to us.

We consume whatever comes our way. This doesn’t only pertain to what we eat or drink but what we read, watch, and do. There is no real conscious decision made on our part. We just jump on whatever comes our way.

“I didn’t ask to be born,” some of us will say.

But we did and long before we found ourselves a fetus in our mother’s womb.

Still, many of us live our lives like we’re moving from point A to point B. Like Death is just another destination for us to get to.

Sure, some of us “party it up”, like that is the best use of the time we’re given. Maybe in some aspects, it is.

Who or what determines that?

We do. Our energy in the situation does.

Are we partying to enjoy the very experience of being with others? Being IN our bio-suit (body)? Being who we are in the moment? Or are we getting drunk in an effort NOT to feel, to escape our life?

Are you living your life to its fullest or are you just “marking time”?

That’s the real question, and it’s one that I pose to myself, again, as much as I pose it to you. But it’s one that cannot be answered by anyone but ourselves.

How do we determine the answer, though?

By the levels of peace, joy, and love we experience in our life. Not just on special occasions, but on a daily basis.

And when I mention love, I don’t just mean the love of or from others, but the love we feel for ourselves. THAT is the most important form of love. That type is truly what determines the length and breadth of our life. Without it, we will be quite a sad specimen of being. After all, we cannot fully give from an empty cup. We cannot give that which we do not have to give.

And I don’t mean pride in one’s self. That’s Ego.

What I do mean is… How much do you truly value yourself as a person, as a being? Do you truly feel you’re lovable for who you are at this moment?

Again, I’m addressing these questions to myself as much as I am to you because, admittedly, a good portion of my life is spent just “marking time” as I make my way to “better days”.

But… THIS IS IT! This IS life!

What if “better days” never get here? What if my/your life ended tomorrow?

The next moment is NEVER guaranteed.

LIFE exists and is lived from moment to moment. It is the “dash” that exists between our birth and our death. If we’re not making the conscious effort to experience as much joy, peace, love, and every other high-vibing energy possible in our life, then we are just “marking time”.

Is that to say life is only meant to be peaches and cream?

Most certainly not!

We – that is, our spirits – are here to run the whole gamut of emotions and experiences – including heartbreak, anger, illness, judgment, and even hate. But we’re not meant to stay in those vibrations.

So, how does one make the most of one’s “dash”?

That’s something that we’ll discuss more in the days to come. For now, suffice it to say that we find it by following our bliss. PLAYING. In other words, doing more of the things that are fun and lift our spirits.

What does that look like when we have the JOB to go to, kids, and other family members to tend to?

It will be different for each of us, but it happens with the little things, the minutiae of everyday life.

Me, I enjoy listening to music while working. What genre I listen to at any given moment is determined by my mood, but it’s usually instrumental. Sometimes it’s classical. Other times it’s “New Age”, and others yet, it’s Jazz.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it lifts your spirits, and your energy/vibration.

How will you “feed” your spirit today on this Soul Sunday?

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well and joyful!

P.S. Adopting an “attitude of gratitude” is a great practice in making the most of our “dash”. Not sure how to make the most of it? Join me for 28 Days of Gratitude! You’ll come away with many practices you can implement a conscious practice of gratitude in your own life, while being part of a community of others learning to do it as well. Head over to the 28 Days of Gratitude page on Substack to register!

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