Authenticity: Come. Come, And Wear Your Bunny Suit!

This post was originally published on the Seraph’s Quill.

Yesterday morning, as I went through my inbox over coffee, I happened to come across a post published on my one life. today entitled Ordinary and as I read it, I could hear a little voice inside me screaming, “YES! THAT!”

Needless to say, I could very closely relate to what the author was writing about.

I’ve been on this journey for some time. In some respects, it feels like it’s been absolutely forever, and in that time, I’ve experienced the anxiety of finding my “Purpose”.

In some ways, at least back toward the beginning, it was a case of “let me figure it out, so I can get on with it and go home!”

Things have changed over the years, but still… It has been a subject of frustration. That, and “find your passion”, “your heart’s desire”.


I had no clue with any of it! And in some respects, I guess I still don’t know that “one thing” that, once discovered, is supposed to make life make sense, you know?

Rather makes me jealous of those people who supposedly come into life knowing exactly what they’re “supposed to do” or which direction, at least, to go.

Me? On most of this journey, I’ve felt like a drunk, without a map, stuck in a tunnel without a flashlight. (How’s that for a visual??) I’ve gone “here”, “there”, and “everywhere” looking for answers and just. not. finding them! At least, not enough to satiate my inner longing to know them.

So, I can relate to the anxiety well!

I mean… no pressure or anything! “Your Purpose is that one thing that you came to Earth to do.” So, what? If I don’t do it, I’m marked a failure? Or worse yet… I have to come back and try again? Uh huh. Thank you, but no thank you! I’m fairly sure that I’ve done this a good hundred times, at the very least. My soul often feels older than dirt, itself. If I don’t have to do this again, I’d really rather not.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a great life, now. It’s not that, in the least. It’s just… day-um! This is a tough gig, you know? What were we thinking??

But, back to the post I mentioned…

The author shared a wonderful video of Dr. Maria Sirois speaking about living an authentic life. Again, YES! Just wear the bunny suit! (Sorry. You’ll just have to watch the video for yourself, which I’ll share at the bottom of this post so you can do just that.)

But, it’s a lesson that I’ve been learning myself over the past few years.


How sad is it that we have to learn how to be ourselves? I bet that 6-year-old we used to be, the one that Dr. Sirois mentioned, knew exactly who we were at the time.

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.”

― Rumi

Once, while in meditation, I believe I was told my “Purpose”… finally. And, you know what? I believe it could be your Purpose as well as mine. I believe it may be all our Purposes, each and every one of us.

Want to know what it is?

“Your Purpose is in the living.”

What the heck does that mean?

Well… I believe it means to live life as mindfully and lovingly as possible, live the best, brightest, and most magical life possible along the way, whatever that may mean to the individual.

Naturally, my EGO couldn’t let it be that simple. After all, what if that were the case? How much more simple would it make this business of living life for all of us? To live our life with our Heart in the lead.


I don’t know what that would look like for you, but for me? That’s pretty far from “ordinary”. Because “ordinary”, to me, means the “standard issue life”, complete with all the stressful entrapments that come with it.

Or… living an “extraordinary” life, the one that is filled to the brim with the magic of the entire Universe. A life through which we dance, play, and just be our wonderful, possibly goofy, selves along the way.

What’s your “Bunny Suit”? Do you ever allow yourself to wear it? When or how? I’d love to hear about it!

May You Always Walk In Love and Life,


2 thoughts on “Authenticity: Come. Come, And Wear Your Bunny Suit!

  1. What a coincidence, this morning I checked my follower list for the first time in ages, amazed to discover that some people not only follow me but request an email update for my posts. I felt very honored that some subscriber make room in their inbox for me, considering how rarely I do that myself. At the same time I felt self-conscious. Had I be posting too frequently and spam my precious email subscribers. How happy was I to find out that apparently I did not just not spam you but even inspire you to watch this beautiful video. So glad you it it home for you, too. I like your take on it, too, very much. Especially the tunnel without a flashlight and the goofy self part. 🙂

    1. lol Thank you! (And for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂 ) I feel I’m beginning to find my “voice” again and am trying to lighten the subjects of spirituality and spiritual development up. They needn’t be so serious. I do believe Spirit/the Universe/God has a sense of humor, so why can’t we? 😉

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