Connecting With the Gentle Self With the Assistance of the Archangels

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Yesterday opened the window for the first of two Full Moons this month. This go-around, it will be in the sign of Aries.

As a result, all Mars energy (which rules Aries) will be activated. It will be hot and firey. A little volatile and could be challenging. Emotions could get heated.

If that was not enough, Mercury is in its Pre-Shadow as it prepares to go retrograde beginning the 14th of this month.

Mercury Retrograde really gets a bad rap. It gets blamed for A LOT of fu in our lives. The truth of the matter, and as my friend, Latrelle Ross, teaches, this is a time to slow down and reflect. (That’s why communication is seemingly so jacked up at this time. We’re often in such a hurry to speak that we don’t take the time to reflect first.)

Saturn, however, went direct yesterday. This means that things will begin moving forward again. (Woo hoo!)

I am certainly no expert on cosmic energies and what alignment creates one energy, though. I mostly rely on Tannaz at Forever Conscious and Molly McCord to share their wisdom about such matters.

My job is (as it is yours) to be aware of it. That way, we’re able to respond to it, rather than unconsciously reacting to it.

So, what measures can we take to maneuver through this week with as much grace as is possible, given the overall energy this week?

And in doing so, which Archangels can we garner the most assistance from?

Of course, all of the Angels can be of assistance to us, but these are the ones that I am most guided to share with you.

Archangel Michael

He is the Angel of Strength, Courage, and Confidence. He can help us to dissolve any fear or blocks to love.

This morning, I received the message that there are two energies that exist within each of us. These can be seen as our Warring Self and our Gentle Self.

Part of our Journey here on Earth is to learn to meld the two. Learning to be gentle, loving, and compassionate without being a “doormat”.

Our Warring Self stands up and flashes its fangs when we feel the need to protect ourselves. Strong, negative emotion ensues when we experience fear, whether consciously or subconsciously.

With the Full Moon in Aries, the energy is volatile. If we are not aware of it, it can cause us to perceive attack or danger where there is none.

Negative states of emotion and being can result.

Archangel Michael can assist us to clear the fear, though, to stand in our confidence and the knowledge that we are safe, that we are protected.

Archangel Gabriel

The Angel of Communication and Self-Expression. She can assist us to speak our truth and share our ideas.

This is especially helpful given that Mercury is preparing to go retrograde.

This is historically and energetically a time when communication breaks down, when the intention behind our words are not always discerned.

Gabriel can assist us in choosing the words and timing to get our thoughts and ideas across in a more clear fashion.

Archangel Uriel

The Angel of Clarity and Wisdom. He can shine a light on dark spaces.

His assistance is especially helpful in situations when communication is seemingly breaking down when tempers become heated.

When we have the presence of mind to call upon him, he can assist us to gain clarity in a situation and respond to it with wisdom.

We can then be a calming force that de-escalates rather than incites or fans the flames.

Archangel Chamuel

He is the Angel of Pure Love, Peace and Harmony.

If we happen to find ourselves in a heated situation, where our temper or that of another is inflamed, we can call upon him for assistance.

He can assist us to find peace and harmony within ourselves. He can also wrap the situation and all involved in a blanket of loving, compassionate energy.

In addition, he can help us to find love and compassion for ourselves. A state of being that many of us are sadly not accustomed to.

If more of us in the world experienced ample levels of self-love and self-compassion, the Warring Self would be less apt to raise its ugly head. Then, we truly would experience more of it in the world.

After all, we cannot give away to others, that which we do not have ourselves.

These, of course, are not the only angels that can assist us — at this time or any other.

If you’re ever uncertain which angel to call upon, you can simply call upon “the Angels of Light”, and the ones best suited to your situational needs will be right there to lend their assistance.

I hope you found this to be helpful, dear friend! Until next time, may you experience more time embodying the Gentle One rather than the Warring One.

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