Contentment: Sabai Sabai, “Everything’s Chilled”

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Well, hello there!

Today is day 8 of the Gentle Visibility Blogfest with Astra… Oh, no! I just realized that tomorrow is our last day. Boo!

I did ponder on it yesterday, though. I’m having such fun connecting with everyone that I was considering starting a weekly linkup. Messenger Mondays. What do you think? Would you like to participate? I would love for you to join me! Watch the blog for more info, probably next week.

So, today’s blog prompt for the blogfest is… contentment.

To be honest, this is a difficult one for me to address this morning.

Ego looks at it and begins going off on a tangent about all the reasons we’re not feeling content this morning. “The ‘furry babies’ are being challenging.” “We spent time cleaning the kitchen yesterday afternoon, and it’s a wreck this morning.” “We didn’t sleep well last night or the night before.” It wants to go on and on and on.

One of the things that my own spiritual mentor taught me, though, was to “set the stage” each morning.

4552360219_19da9f01ea_o (1)
Image from Loco Steve on Flickr

The energy of our day is like a freight train. In the beginning, it’s slow because it hasn’t built up momentum, but by the end, it’s “full steam ahead”! And it seems next to impossible to stop it. (Those are the nights when I just give up and go to bed. lol) Because it really goes back to the Law of Attraction. We attract people and situations that are in vibrational harmony with the energy that we put “out”. Even if it’s the energy of the thoughts that are swirling around in our heads, it is reflected in the vibration of our personal energy.

But, it IS our choice whether the energy that powers the freight train that travels through our day is of a “positive” or “negative” vibration, and it all starts with how we begin our morning.

Obviously, Ego wants to power it with a negative vibration. ME? Well, I have tried… Yes, tried… (Yoda would be oh-so-unhappy with me.) To get it going with a positive vibration in the manner I do every morning.

I light candles for Spirit, Buddha, Peace, and Health as well as some incense. Then I tell Google “good morning”, which prompts it to tell me about my day and starts it playing some soothing, instrumental music. Then, I open the blinds and get myself a cup of coffee. (Or in the case today, decaf. Great timing to start such a substitution, huh? lol)

Most mornings, this is the perfect start and helps “set the stage” in a positive way. This morning, though, has been a bit bumpier.

If our freight trains start out with the “wrong” energy, does that mean that we should throw up our hands and simply give up? No, not in the least. Just because it’s progressing in a manner that we would rather it didn’t, does not mean that it can’t be turned around. It’s just a little more difficult and requires us to be Aware of our actual intention.

Do we intend for it to be a low vibrational day or would we prefer it to be a higher vibrational one? It’s really up to us to choose. Because, no matter what choice we make, the Universe will back us up with it.

So, now that everyone is out the door for the morning, at least, I’ve had a chance to focus more strongly on my intention of contentment and peace, and the train has been switched to an energetic fuel that I can better live with.

Sure, my kitchen is still a wreck and will be until the tween that made the mess gets home to clean it, and I’m still low on energy, but it is all alright.

Or as one of my current mentors, who is Thai, has taught me… Sabai Sabai.

Sabai sabai – The word “sabai” literally means happy, but is used to mean comfortable or relaxed. Thai’s sometimes say a word twice to intensify its meaning. So “sabai sabai” means “everything’s chilled”. This state of tranquility is often described as the Thai lifestyle.

It’s become my daily mantra as of late.

Do you “set the stage” for your day each day? If so, how? I would love for you to share in the comments below.

Until next time, my friend, may you walk in love and light.


#gentlevisibilityblogfest – Day 8

10 thoughts on “Contentment: Sabai Sabai, “Everything’s Chilled”

  1. I love the image of your energy of the day being a train! It is so easy to get caught up by that train, and let it take you wherever it is barreling along, but I agree, that if we focus, we can change it’s direction!

  2. YAY YES to Messenger Mondays!! I would love if you posted about it each Monday in the Prosperous Messenger Tribe, if that feels good in your soul! (Or wherever/however you decide to post/share about it, I would love to participate!) 😀 I have loved playing with you all during the Blogfest and had a similar idea to try to make it a one day a week type-thing! 😀 I had a bit of a rocky day today, too – or, more accurately stated (for me) – I felt a little less in the flow than I have been recently. I kept thinking of all these “work things” I was “supposed to” be doing. I even skipped posting on my blog today (during my own Blogfest – HA!). I just didn’t seem to be able to bring myself into a workflow-y energy. Finally I just decided to be CONTENT with that, LOL! 😀 Great post!

    1. I would LOVE to share it in the Prosperous Messenger Tribe. And… I will PM you with an idea I have with regard to the link up. 🙂

      BIG HUGS! Yes! Even though I was able to get my focus into a more neutral, flowing manner… I just didn’t feel as though I flowed as easily as I have been. Wonder if it’s something in the “ethers”. Might have to pop around online soon and see if I can find any indication that there’s more to the bigger picture than we are seeing. 🙂

      Thank you! <3

  3. Yes, being content, finding peace – consciously choosing to create it. I so agree with you, it is the best way to allow that bigger picture to unfold. Such a wonderful piece. Thank you <3

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