Gentle Visibility Blogfest: Come Join Us!

Hello there, dear friend! I hope this finds you well.

Here in the States, we’re celebrating Memorial Day. It’s a day when we honor those who have given their lives in service to our country.

The day is a rainy one in our neck of the woods, so we’re laying low, taking it easy before we go back to “the daily grind”. Going to have a movie marathon and do some crocheting, I think. It’s definitely a good day for it.

I did want to drop in and tell you about a blogfest in which I’m participating that begins tomorrow and goes on through the 6th of June.


Our hostess is a wonderful soul who I’ve known for a handful of years (at least) now.


She’s a shaman, medium, and Abundance Empowerment and Soul Biz Success coach.

So, what can you expect from me throughout the blogfest?

Well, more posts aimed at inspiring, educating, and uplifting you.

“Soul Biz? Does that mean you’re going to try to sell me something in the near future?”


While it is true that I am currently venturing onto a “Soul Biz” path with healing and teaching, and I would like to add my writings in the future to that end, that is certainly not the purpose of this blog.

No, here it is my Purpose to connect and share ideas and notions as well as tips and tricks I, myself, come across for thriving on the path of spirituality. That is it.

And I’m participating in the blogfest with the intention of connecting more. I thought I would let you know about it in the event you’d like to participate with us for the same reason.

Come join us! There’s still time! The party doesn’t start until tomorrow.

Want more information? Why not pop on over to Astra’s blog post?


Hope to see you there!


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