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Heaven and Earth Through Peace and Contentment: Friday FUNday

Hello, hello, hello, my friend! It’s ME! Dave!

Welcome to another edition of Friday FUNday!

So, I know that I promised to use these days to tickle your funny bone, but, today, I want to slow down and get a little serious. What??? I can do that. Just… well… I cannot be as serious, as in my head as your humans get. Though, I don’t know why you would WANT to.

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But remember… You are not a stagnant force of energy. YOU are always expanding. So, what may have brought you this level of peace and contentment in the past, may not bring it to you today. There may be a bit of trial and error on your part to find what brings you to this space today, but isn’t such “work” fun and rewarding? We think so!

Just follow your Heart and the path of joy, of peace and contentment, and you’ll NEVER go wrong!

Until we chat again, friend. Take care!


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