Garden Pathway

Introducing the Enchanted Village

Good morning, my dear friend! I do hope all is well on your end.

For some time, I’ve had a creative project percolating in my mind. I even acted on it a year or two ago, but I never fully manifested it. I guess that’s because I didn’t have all the details or information in my mind of what it was meant to be. Yesterday, though, I believe I started getting more of the “bigger picture”.

Meet Nana

“Nana” has been present in my mind for a while now and has always had Maureen Stapleton’s voice.

Who is Maureen Stapleton?

One of the movies that I most remember her for is Made In Heaven with Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis. She played Aunt Lisa. In the linked video, you can hear her welcoming Mike (Timothy Hutton) to heaven.

That’s the voice I hear in my head when Nana is coming through.

Now, you may be wondering, “who IS Nana?”

Perhaps, she is one of my guides. Maybe she’s “just” a wise “character” in my head. But she is coming forward to introduce and guide our VIP Community into the Enchanted Village.

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What Is the Enchanted Village?

It’s that creative project that I mentioned earlier.

When it first formed in my mind, Dave (the Gnome), introduced me to it.

It is the “imaginary” space in which my guides and teachers congregate -an etheric campus for wisdom.

And “Nana”, in the form of Maureen Stapleton, is stepping forward to be its Head Mistress.

What Will We Find There?

As I said, my guides and teachers congregate there, but each has their own space in the village that they inhabit.

Dave… While one might believe he calls a garden his home, being that he’s a gnome and all, he inhabits a tree.

Nana has her own cozy cottage that she likes to call home.

The village is just like you might imagine an old-timey village to be. But in each abode, one will find a teacher ready to share their own brand of wisdom.

Together, with these wise souls, it is my intention to write and construct interactive books with corresponding courses. Ones that are designed with the varying ways each of us learns in mind.

These tomes will impart wisdom to our VIP Community from the varying perspectives I’ve had throughout the course of my own human experience (ie a mom/parent, a military spouse, a cancer patient, etc.). Through these sharings, I will pass along bits of wisdom I accumulated through my experiences that I wish I had known going into them. In addition, I will share other tidbits that my own guides and teachers (the denizens of the Enchanted Village) would like included in the mix.

This is my creative vision, one that I’m being Divinely guided through by my own guides and teachers. How this will translate into the 3D and the digital form it will take is anybody’s guess at this point. But I do hope you will join me on the journey! It is certain to be… interesting and creative.

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Until next time, my dear friend, take care!

With Love and In Service,

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