Journal Prompts

Life’s Challenges

This was the journal prompt that I received from Silk and Sonder this morning, and it was something I really had to feel into.

One of the ways that I’m starting to challenge myself and my “status quo” is by challenging the idea of NOT racing to the weekend.

It’s a habit that I’ve fallen into since being back to the 9-5 workday but especially recently. “Happy Hump Day!” Which is followed by “Friday-Eve” and finally “TGIF”!

It was brought to my awareness by another woman’s post on Silk and Sonder yesterday. She has been experiencing the same thing!

That’s not how I want to live my life, though!

It is my desire and intention to bring more peace, comfort, and joy (via Awareness) to my week so I’m no longer living for the weekend.

After all, I’ll only go through this life, in this body ONCE – as Dawna with the loved ones I have as they are in this time-space reality.

For that reason, I desire to experience as much joy as is possible EVERY DAY, not just on holidays, weekends, and PTO

What 1-3 goals would you set for yourself, to challenge your current “status quo”?

Until next time, dear friend, take care and may you be well!

P.S. This week, the Marketing Director of my company asked for my thoughts regarding work-life balance. You can read the blog post that came from our conversation here. In it, I also share some of my favorite self-care apps.

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