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Manifestation: Create It FIRST Within

Good morning, my dear friend! It is still dark here in my little part of the world, but I hope this day dawns brightly upon you when the sun comes up.

Ever since I awoke to consciously be on my spiritual path, Autumn has been a time of strength for me. It is a time when I feel most connected with mySelf.

This year, I have noticed that I am more in a space where the words are flowingly easily onto the page. I did, after all, say that I desired to get more consistent in the Garden by the Autumnal Equinox, and my writing peeps have not let me down! 😘

But with this period of strength, I feel as though I have returned to one of learning as well, and the seemingly restless nights – the ones in which I feel as though I am ‘busy’ beyond the borders of this realm – are beginning to occur more frequently. This time, however, they are knitting together and shining a more conscious light on the day’s activities.

I have been brought back around to this idea of “you do not create what you want, you create what you are”. We, as Spirit/Creator (embodied), co-create into our reality that which we, as our human, are.

What does this mean?

Take, for instance, we say we desire to experience peace in our reality. Our current reality could be so chaotic with work, our family, and other obligations or responsibilities. Until we are, first, able to find that peace within ourselves, though, we will not be able to create it into our reality.

Oh! For certain, we can try to force it. Blame others for not allowing us peace. Leave our job to find another job. But, until we find the peace within our own being we will not experience it outside of ourselves.

Another example… Financial prosperity was a challenging one for me for many, many years. One day, I had an epiphany… My dad always appeared so calm, cool and collected when it came to money.

I remember one time, my family and I were visiting him and my mom. He took us to get a rental car during our stay. While there, the counter attendant told him – with me standing there – the amount for the vehicle we were renting for the week. I remember it being something exorbitant. (My money set-point was still pretty low back then.) He stood there, casually leaning an elbow on the counter as he pulled out a credit card and handed it to the gentleman.

It was that memory that I pulled out to assist me in manifesting a better financial situation for myself and my family. 

Every time I was in a similar situation, whether it was at the grocery store (yes, the check-out counter at the grocery store used to cause me anxiety) or at the electronics store, I would adopt this same facade (perhaps) when the check-out clerk would tell me the total.

In the beginning, it was a facade for me. On the exterior, I would be calm, relaxed, and collected, while on the inside, I was freaking out.

Over time, though, it became easier, and it took increasingly larger amounts before it would freak me out. And our financial outlook began to improve over time!

I had to become within – FIRST – what I most desired to experience without, in my reality.

This is true about anything that we desire to create.

We must – FIRST – become what we desire to experience.

You want to experience more love in your experience? You must FEEL the love FOR YOURSELF before you will see it become tangible in your reality.

Of course! You can find it and bring a love relationship into your experience without first feeling it for yourself. BUT if you don’t feel it for yourself FIRST, that “loving” relationship won’t feel so loving all the time. It will be a challenge.

There are those who believe that the Universe is a hologram, that we (our Spirits) are plugged into it, much like the Super Computer I wrote about yesterday, and that we’re the “only one in the room”, on the holodeck – so to speak. It is believed that we program what we experience through our energy and everyone else is playing a part in our “drama”.

I don’t know if I would go that far, but I have come to believe that everyone else in our lives – from our significant others to the guy who cut us off in traffic yesterday – reflects back to us that which exists within us.

Whether it is chaos, self-loathing, fear of not being enough, a belief that the world is “crashing and burning”, OR that it is a wonderful and beautifully mysterious place, where you are loved, safe, satiated, and 100% enough and complete. Whatever you believe about the world is what you will experience in your reality.

AND – this is a BIG one – whatever you are seeking outside of yourself, whether it is approval, validation, or support, if YOU are not giving it to yourself FIRST, you are not going to experience it outside yourself.

You will not experience it from your significant other, your kids, your co-workers, your boss, or your parents.

Until you give it (whatever it is) to you – FIRST – you will not experience it from others.

I don’t know about you, but this has been a HUGE revelation for me, and something that I’m consciously working to fully integrate into my own experience.

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well!

With Love and In Service,

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