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Manifestation: It Already Exists

Good morning, my dear friend! I hope this Saturday morning has dawned brightly for you and yours.

Do you have a morning routine? One that just seems to help align you with the Truth of You?

I have found one for myself. It’s one that I like to follow, even on weekend mornings.

I sit down, drink my coffee, listen to Sara Landon and the Council, and do my dot art until I feel “ready”, and, often, this is the point when I’m ready to do a bit of creation – either in the form of meme/graphics or writing.

I’m sure you can tell at which point I find myself this morning. 😉

Little did I know, though, that Spirit – in Its urging this morning – was going to guide me to write a “lesson”. I do hope you find it as enlightening and helpful as I did through its writing. 🥰

Until next time, be safe and be well!

With Love and In Service,

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