Not Every Day Is A Good One When You’re “Spiritual”

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When one is “spiritual”, there is a common misconception that everything is sunshine and rainbows.

This idea is illustrated in Sonia Choquette’s new book, Waking Up In Paris, which (surprise!) I started reading this morning. (Isn’t synchronicity a fabulous thing?!)

“As a spiritual teacher and intuitive guide for the majority of my life, I have observed that most people are initially attracted to spirituality – whether to meditation, awakening intuition, or connecting to higher awareness – because they feel these practices will provide them with the strength to confront life’s inevitable challenges and disappointments. They often hope that spirituality will serve as a cloak of invulnerability that will protect them against psychic pain.”

~Sonia Choquette, Waking Up In Paris, Prologue

That just is not the case, though. As much as we would wish it otherwise, we cannot have rainbows without rain, can we?

This is something that I have to remind myself of from time to time.

The past day or two has been just such a time.

Yesterday, I found myself vacillating between irritation and “weepiness”. Thankfully, both were mild states of being. Still, they can be challenging to get through.

Today, I’ve noticed that I’m quick to feel irritation again.

Part of me – that part known as Ego – is having a grand time trying to flog me with a wet noodle. “I thought we’d gotten beyond this nasty side. You’re ‘spiritual’! Where are the fluffy kitties? Why aren’t you pooping rainbows and sunshine?”

That just isn’t “It”, though. That is not the case. We don’t reach a point in our spiritual journey where all challenges are wiped from our path, never to be tripped over again. That’s just not a practical point of view.

After all, how many of us actually retreat to a secluded cave or part of the jungle? Not many.

The majority of us remain in the realm of humans, left to deal with human interactions and “garbage”.

What does define the level of progress we’ve made, though, is how long it takes us to “get back to center”.

That, I know from experience can be a hard-fought challenge, in and of itself.

After all, when we’re being challenged, we’re often vibrating at a low vibratory level. While the Universe acts as a mirror and will show that fact to us by bringing more low-leveled stuff our way.

If unaware of this fact, we can quickly sink into a hole of quicksand, seemingly never to emerge again.

The “trick”, I’ve found, is to recognize it early-on and nip it in the bud as quickly as possible before the stuff gets too bad, too heavy and being gentle with ourselves in the process.

Synchronicity, again, is an awesome thing!

As I was looking for an image to use for this post, I happened to come across another blogger’s post, How to Hit the “Reset” Button for Your Day… or Life which was written by Raymond Salas, Energy Healer. In it, he shares some wonderful tips for getting back to center.


I do have a plan for today, though. I’m off to visit with my beautiful soul sisters at our local “Zen Den” and, even, let one stick acupuncture needles in my ear.

What tips or tricks do you have that quickly move you back to center? I would love it if you would share them in the comments below!

Much love and light to you, my friend!

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  1. Sonia is such a wonderful teacher and a very gifted writer. I’ve read several books of hers (also the one you refer to) and they are insightful, grounded and sometimes very funny!

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