Pulling Others Into Your Peace

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This post was originally published on the Seraph’s Quill.

In some ways, things have been slightly crazy around here. Only, it feels as though I’m sitting in the eye as the storm rages around me.

That’s one thing I learned in 2018, actually.

I tend to see things differently from a lot of people. I’m less apt to get wrapped up in the hype or drama of life these days.

It actually rather reminds me of my experience and that of my family with Hurricane Florence back in September of last year. Many around us as well as those at a distance freaked out when it was realized the hurricane was heading our way.

Now, granted… She was HUGE.

I still, sometimes see photos of her from space on our Chromecast and cannot believe how big she was.

Still… There was a Knowingness inside me and in my husband, too, that knew – beyond doubt (at least most doubt) – that our family would come through it fine.

And, so, we were able to remain calm, even when others around us were running around in full-blown panic.

Now, please do not get me wrong here. I am not so callous to discount the experiences of others. There were many, MANY folks who were GREATLY affected by Hurricane Florence, and I do have GREAT compassion for them. I am merely noting the Knowingness within me which tends to keep me from getting caught up in a tempest of emotions over things which I have no control.

I would not go as far to say that I’ve reached the “Zen Master” or even “The Dude” stage. I do still, sometimes, have my own freak out moments. (For instance, trying to get a tween to get out of bed in the morning the day after a long break from school. I must admit… I lost my zen.)

“Every time you feel yourself getting pulled into other people’s nonsense, repeat these words: NOT MY CIRCUS, NOT MY MONKEYS.”

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I actually used that phrase in conversation the other day when the subject of some nonsense came up.

One thing I have noted, though, is… Some people – whether they are aware of it or not – tend to thrive on the nonsense. It is almost as though they seek it out.

To me, that is just not a way to live.

Me? I would much rather live a life of contentment.

What has brought me around to this path of thought? Beyond the craziness I watch swirling around me?

I was watching Lee Harris’ Energy Update for this month (January, 2019), and he was speaking to those who do get “pushed and pulled around”, who have a hard time slowing down because they’re always feeling as though they’re behind. He said that the next couple of months are going to be difficult for those sorts of people, if they’re not able to slow down and go within.

Unfortunately, I know some of those people.

Not “unfortunate” because I know them, but as an empath, myself, it can be extremely difficult for me to witness the pain and strife they sometimes put themselves through.

How about you?

How best do you deal with it?

It is said that, those of us who are empaths, not only are we able to experience the emotions of others as they are our own, but we are able to positively affect them as well. That is, of course, if they are open to or willing to be affected.

How do you deal with the “storms” of others? Are you able to pull them into your peace? If so, I would love for you to share any tips or tricks you may have in the comments below.

Until Next Time, Dear Friend! Be well!


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