Rise and Shine! Time to Get to Work

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Well, hello there! How are things in your neck of the woods?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing things – energies – in a very intense way as of late. Just the past week or two, really. So much so that it doesn’t take much to drain me.

From speaking to and reading the updates of others, many of US are experiencing the same sort of thing. (At least I’m in good company.)

Apparently, it has to do with the energies that are coming in which we’re having to acclimate to. The times around the new and full moon will tend to be more intense and have a greater effect on each of US, depending on what sign it and the other planets are in.

That’s the lay(wo)man’s explanation for it, at least. Definitely not my area of expertise.

But, that wasn’t what I intended to come in to share this morning.

Have you heard of Mike Dooley?

I know, most people have.

Well, I used to receive his Notes from the Universe a long while back but lost track of them over the years. It was about a year ago that my mother-in-law shared one of the messages with me that was very pertinent to what I was experiencing at the time. (I had completely forgotten that I’d shared the notes with her many, many years ago!) Guess it was a note from the Universe that it was time to get back to them. Ha!

But I’m really glad I did because I’ve had a lot of ah-ha! moments while reading them, and this morning… Well, the note for today really just put things into perspective for me.

Here it is if you don’t yet receive them…

“Reality,” is not that you are weak, and dream of becoming strong. Poor, and dream of becoming rich. Alone, and dream of having friends. But that you’re already strong, rich, and among friends. Yet, at times, dream that you’re not.


The Universe


Given all that I’ve been re-awakening to as of late… Well, once I read the words, my mind yelled “YES! That IS it!”

While immersed in this physical “reality”, living each and every day of the years we have been granted, it is so easy for us to forget and begin to believe this. is. who. we are. When in true reality, we – more times than not – do not even begin to scratch the surface of our true nature, our true being while incarnated in physical form.

Everything that each one of US can imagine be-ing, we already are in our true innate being-ness.

We just have to become lucid in this dream we are engaged in and remember.

It’s time for us to RISE and SHINE, time for every one of US – to awaken, rub the sleep out of our eyes and get to the real work we set out to do during our time here on Earth, building Heaven here on Earth.


Love and Light to You and Yours, my friend!


One thought on “Rise and Shine! Time to Get to Work

  1. Yes! Yes!

    I am actually on a technology hiatus – even from my biz.

    Just happened to see this because I was scoring some concert tickets and had to get online. Ha!

    Energies are very high and intense – I needed to step away from it all – no head in the sand – just observing.

    And this is also giving me the time to truly awaken and align with – Yes! – Reality – and step away from the dream 😉 <3

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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