Setting Our Intentions to Play With Spirit

Good morning, my dear friend! I hope this Tuesday morning has dawned brightly and beautifully for you!

As we go into our day, what do you desire to experience more of?

Do you know? Have you thought about it?

It is so important to set our intention in the morning. It’s like placing an order with the Universe. It helps to focus our energy for the day. It helps to guide us.

When we don’t… when we take whatever comes our way… Well, “autopilot” tends to align us (our energy) with whatever is in our environment. And, inherently, our energy will entangle with the lowest vibration available IF the seed of “something better” is not firmly planted within us.

Setting our intention plants that seed.

So, what is it you desire to experience today?

For me, given that I’m a little low on energy today, I desire to experience ease, flow, peace, and grace.

Now, what do we do from here?

We follow the light and where it takes us. We focus on everything that IS what we desire to experience, and we thank the Universe/Spirit/God (whatever name you prefer) for it.

What if we experience something that is not that which we desire to experience?

We let it blow through us and away, like the wind. We do not entangle with it.

What we give our attention, our energy, is what we will get more of. So, we want to focus more attention and energy on what we DO desire, rather than what we do not.

That is how we play/co-create with Spirit… with OUR Spirit.

May you have a fabulously MAGICAL day, my friend!

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