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Soul Sunday: Dusting Off the Diary

Good morning, my dear friend! I hope this finds you well.

As we started wrapping up our 28 Days of Gratitude Journey, I started musing about which of the hundreds of ideas that have been going through my wee noggin I wanted to focus on next.

This week, the Universe made the decision for me.

As a result, I have decided to dust off the Trail Diaries.

What Are the Trail Diaries?

You might be asking this, especially if you’re new to the Garden.

Essentially, the Trail Diaries are posts I write that give the reader an insight into my life and how I utilize the tips, tricks, tools, and “best” practices I teach others as a coach and utilize as an energy healer.

While I will share bits and pieces of the content with the community at large, the juicier bits (ie in-depth descriptions and summaries) will be shared with paid members of the Garden Community.

With the exception of the Night of Light event, I will be doing with my dear friend and coach, Latrelle Ross, on the night of the Winter Solstice, this is all I plan to do in the Garden for a while.

This is a period of healing and release for me. I need to focus the majority of my energy on me and my family, BUT, with that being said, I do need this period of my life to have a greater purpose. If I can help you or someone you love by sharing my experiences, I will.

I hope you will join #TeamDawna as I love myself and US (United Spirit) through this potentially challenging time.

Until we take the next step on this journey together, my friend, take care. May you love life and suck out its marrow in the process. (If you aren’t there yet… this journey is for you, too!)

Sending Much Light and Love Your Way,

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