Soul Sunday: Making Sense of Life

For the majority of my life, I have had a passion for exploring the supernatural, the Metaphysical. As a result, there were probably those who thought I was something of an “oddball” since childhood.

When our elementary class went to the library, I was always the kid who was checking out books by Hans Holzer. (Obviously, his books had quite an impact on me if I can still remember his name some 40+ years later. 😘) In addition, I was fascinated by the topics Leonard Nimoy addressed through his In Search Of series – one of my favorite television shows at that time.

When I was a bit older and armed with a basic understanding of reincarnation, I was taught how to meditate and was taken on my first past-life exploration. Thus my desire to know what happens to us after we die was sparked.

When I grew a little older, I discovered the work of Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. Bruce Goldberg, and the Universe was opened even wider to me!

It wasn’t until approximately 1999 that I consciously embarked on my own spiritual journey, after which I continued to explore a plethora of metaphysical topics. Eventually, I even gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysics and became a Metaphysical Practitioner and Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

But WHY? Why have I been so focused on, even at times obsessed with, such topics?

To be honest, this was not a question that I could have adequately answered even last night. This morning, however, I feel as though it finally came to me!

Life here on the earthly plane is an extremely challenging one. It’s not for the weak of Heart/Spirit. If you are here, you are courageous! Even if you don’t feel you are.

This existence is something like a boot camp for our spirits.

Descending into physical density disconnects us from all that we knew/know. In other words, not only does it cause us to forget who we truly are, but over time, it can make it extremely difficult for us to consciously connect with the members of our Soul Family that have remained in the Spirit Realm. Essentially, the low energetic vibration here on Earth has the same effect on our spirits/vibration as the force of gravity has on our bodies.

Add to this the divine gift of free will, and – during our earthly sojourn – we can easily become akin to the young characters in the book Lord of the Flies (ie the “young” run amok). A scenario that we can plainly see playing out in our world today.

Even if we are one who is “awake” or “awakening” to the truth of who we truly are, life is not “all roses and rainbows”. We experience challenges, too.

In the past, and depending on the previous programming we may have experienced growing up, we might believe – through those challenges – we are being “punished” for our wrongdoings. Either those we have committed in this lifetime or previous ones (ie by God or karma).

The understanding to which my spiritual explorations have led me is this…

Life (ie God/Spirit/Creator/the Universe/etc) is ALWAYS working FOR us. NEVER AGAINST us as some are programmed to believe.

Our lives occur in a series of cycles. Some, myself included, believe that these cycles each span a 9-year period.

  • Year 1 – Beginning
  • Year 2 – Connecting
  • Year 3 – Creating
  • Year 4 – Building
  • Year 5 – Changing
  • Year 6 – Nurturing
  • Year 7 – Re-evaluating
  • Year 8 – Expanding
  • Year 9 – Completing

Each year comes with its own, unique set of lessons for us to face and grow through. Though, as one goes through them, it may seem as though we are having to go/grow through lessons we’ve faced previously. This is because the growth process each of us experiences is not linear. Rather, it is cyclical and can be seen as a spiral. Life will bring us back around to a previous lesson for the purpose of experiencing another/new nuance of it that we have not previously faced.

Over time, it can leave us questioning – “WHY is this happening to me, AGAIN?” It can even feel as though Life is “picking on” us.

And this brings me back around to why the study of Metaphysics has been a lifelong journey for me… Because it helps me to make sense of life, even the more difficult parts of it.

As we go through life, it is easy to develop a perspective of life similar to that of the main character in Bruce Almighty.

“God is a mean kid sitting on an anthill with a magnifying glass, and I’m the ant. He could fix my life in five minutes if He wanted to, but he’d rather burn off my feelers and watch me squirm.” ~Bruce

It is so easy to see ourselves as a victim of our life, to blame everyone else, to blame Life, itself. In my experience, it takes much more courage and fortitude to try to make sense of it and to see that It is actually trying to help grow/evolve us.

Remember… no matter what the surface of our life looks like, LIFE (ie God/Spirit/Creator/the Universe/etc) is ALWAYS working FOR us. IT is ALWAYS working for our greatest good because IT DOES LOVE us.

Challenges are NEVER sent to us like a whippin’ from an authoritarian parent. (ie “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”) Often, a challenge seeks to teach us the opposite of what we are faced with.

For instance:

  • Illness and disease try to teach us how to be healthy and take care of ourselves.
  • A situation that lacks love seeks to show us 1) where love does exist in our life OR 2) how to be more loving with others.

What it all boils down to, though, is… living a “spiritual life” – that is, one in which we are consciously connecting with Life – is not for the purpose of avoiding challenges and conflict. (That will never happen as long as we remain in-body here on Earth.) Rather, it is for the purpose of understanding them and consciously learning what it is we are meant to learn from them so we can “level up” and move beyond them.

What bits of knowledge or “strategies” have you found help you to make sense of and flow with Life?

Until next time, my dear friend, take care, and may you be well!

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