Spiritual Growth Is a Cyclical Process

This morning, I experienced several challenging moments for which my dear and loving husband was present. Admittedly, the situation seemingly posed a backslide for me. That is, I was reacting to the situation with which I was faced in a way that I would have long ago.

It was a situation that even took my husband by surprise because it was Dawna of the Past. Rather than Dawna of Now.

I could criticize myself, of course. “How could you have been blindsided by that???” But the truth of the matter is spiritual growth is cyclical. It can often be viewed as a spiral. The things that we’ve worked through and seemingly released can and often will come back around. Especially when we have planets in retrograde!

Does this mean that the lessons that we’ve learned weren’t actually “mastered”? Are we not, then, as far along with our growth and development than we think? Not necessarily.

For me, the yardstick that I use to measure my progress is the answer to this question…

“How long did it take me to return to center?”

Yes, I reacted to this situation as the “old me” would have in the past. However, it was noted that the old me would have internalized it and allowed it to eat away at her for a good week before saying anything.

This time?

It was less than an hour.

So, while one could say that I “failed” because I went through it, again, in the first place, I actually succeeded just from the simple fact that it took me SO MUCH less time to return to ME in the process. 😉

Our “Spiritual Evolution” is not a race. Even with ourselves.

And it is never “once and done”.

It is a process and a lengthy one at that, and we deserve kudos (especially from ourselves) for the progress we do make! After all, it’s no easy task!

What is one situation that you can consciously note that Present-You deals with better today than Past-You did?

Are you seeking a space that is supportive and inspiring? One in which you FEEL Divinely held? I invite you to join me and my other soul friends in my Garden.


Hope to see you there, my friend! ❤️

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