Standing In the Vortex, In Alignment with Source Energy

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A Happy Hump Day to you!

How are things going in your neck of the woods this week?

Things have been pretty busy around here. A good busy, but busy, none the less.

You know, it’s funny, in an amusing sort of way.

I’ve been consciously on the “spiritual path” for almost two decades now, but I have yet not to be amazed by the things that I still continue to learn.

For years I listened to Abraham Hicks (Esther Hicks) speak about being “in the flow” with Source Energy, in the “Vortex“, and for many years I “tried” to get into and remain in that state of being.

That’s the real test, isn’t it? Staying in it.

It seems next to impossible to pull off, though. What with the day-to-day “garbage” we contend with. (So many personalities and agendas floating about!) Not to mention the whole “adulting” thing.

Life really IS simple. So, how – or why – has humanity complicated it SO much! (Probably has to do with all those personalities and agendas. But I do have a theory about that, which I’ll discuss another time. 😉 )

But, back to learning how to stay in the Vortex…

The implementation of the “how” is a process.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I believe it’s the amount of time that it takes us to recognize our misalignment and “return to center” (or get back into the Vortex) that defines the progress that we’ve made on our spiritual path. Not how long we can stay in it because honestly? In my experience, at least, that’s next to impossible! “Stuff” happens!

But once we’re able to be in that space on a more consistent basis, when we’re able to really “flow” with “Source Energy”? That’s when It can really blow our minds. That is when “miracles” seemingly occur.

Please bear with me if I’ve told you this story before, but it is just so miraculous to me and perfectly illustrates this idea of being in the Vortex, of having faith and trusting the Universe to care for us.

Back in August of last year, LB was at Dance Camp for a week, so DH and I decided to go on a day-trip one of the days she was gone. At an Irish Pub that was local to the area we’d been exploring, we had lunch and, over a pint or two, we discussed something that I’d been pondering upon for a couple of weeks prior.

The idea of moving… “eventually”.

Originally, I’d wanted to move to an area that was less hot and humid than where we’d been living in Missouri. Not being a fan of what I consider to be “extreme” temperatures, I thought the mountains of North Carolina might be nice. As the conversation progressed, though, the idea of moving closer to the beach began to take seed within my heart and mind.

Having grown up in Southern California, I loved the beach and really did miss it. Not to mention that I had been feeling an energetic draw to the ocean for several months prior. The idea of actually moving to a beach town? It had never even crossed my mind until DH mentioned it.

In the end, it was decided. We would move to the Carolinas “in a couple of years”.

Fast forward a week or so afterward. DH had a conversation with his brother, and as they were catching up on life happenings, our discussion and decision were mentioned.

For at least a decade, my brother-in-law had been trying to get us to move to the Myrtle Beach area. He’d been living there for many, many years and while he naturally had his immediate family with him, I suspect he was missing a close connection with extended family as much as we were. In addition, it had been his dream to add a motor shop division onto his already thriving business and have DH run it. It was, surprisingly enough, a dream that had still been alive and kicking at the time of their conversation!

It was at that point that things were kicked into high gear! And while there were some challenges along the way (mostly because my Ego wanted to step in and run the show) – everything fell into place. The move that had been slated to occur in “a couple of years” happened in a matter of four months! By the end of December, we were living in the Myrtle Beach area!

Wow!! When a decision is made that is in alignment with Source Energy, It does not mess around in making it happen!

I mean, intellectually, I knew things flow when we’re in alignment with Source, but this??? I could never have imagined how quickly things would scoot along until it happened for me.

Was that the end of it?

Oh, no! Source wasn’t (and isn’t) done with me, it seems.

Back in January, I posted about my compulsion to “build something” and not knowing where to begin. Despite having ideas of my own, Source had other plans for me.

Situations, urgings all pointed to my getting back to focusing on my spiritual development while getting out to connect with the local spiritual community.

Wait! What?? Connect?

I mean, sure, I’d connected with folks who lived locally to me within the past decade, but the connection just hadn’t been what I believe my heart had been searching for. As a result, I became solitary again.

Here, though… Since I’ve been following the urgings of Spirit… WOW!! I’ve been connecting with others – soul sisters – in a way I’ve not connected in person in a very long time.

And still Source hasn’t finished with me!

It’s “demanding” that I stretch and grow in ways that I’ve only ever imagined! It’s “demanding” that I (finally and fully) step into the role of “healer”. A role It told me – long ago – that I was eventually meant to embrace.

I’m flowing with the idea, listening to guidance as best I am able, and having faith and trust both in Source and the process. But one thing I am learning is that being in the Vortex can sometimes feel like being on a roller coaster – exciting and frightening, both at the same time!

What have been your experiences of being in the vortex, in alignment with Source Energy? I would love for you to share, either in the comments below or through the contact page.

Until next time, dear friend, may you walk in love and light!

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