Tapping Into Probabilities

This post was originally published on the Seraph’s Quill.

Happy New Year, my friend! So many probabilities we can tap into. SO MANY that I keep getting the same message from Spirit.

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“Say no to the good, in order to say yes to the great.”

Because up until a few days ago, I had this grand master plan for 2019. A business endeavor. One that I knew could and would do really well.

And it was one that would feed my own spirit in the process. A BIG consideration for me these days.

I was all set. Ready to put things into motion beginning tomorrow.

That was until I received this message from Spirit… multiple times.

It was then that stepped back, curbed my enthusiasm a bit, and took a good look at my big picture as well as my personal priorities.

  • My family/Home
  • Nurturing my spirit

Though, truth be told, one is not more important than the other to me. The first really – often – feeds the other. But, by the same token, if the second is not met, the first will suffer as well. They are both quite dependent on the other.

I do have a “mission”, though. One that I’ve known about for many years, but was recently reminded of it. It one that fueled the passion for my big, grandiose plan. (Well, for the most part. I do realize now that Ego butted in and asked “how big can we make this while we’re at it?”)

“You are the one who encourages and promotes those who have something valuable to offer. You are the one who takes care of the details that others are unable or unwilling to handle. This makes you the ultimate networker – or agent – who provides a service which enables others to progress. You are the indispensable behind-the-scenes organizer on whom others rely, and you will be given much opportunity to fulfill your own ambitions and dreams along the way.”

So, Ego and I have reached a compromise.

Getting A Seraph’s Quill up and running at full-strength again, so to speak, was among my original intentions for 2019, and it is again. But as I pondered on it more, I asked myself, “how can I do that, fulfill my “mission”, but continue to stick to those things that are top priority in my life?”

The answer to that question was to begin to highlight those providing amazing services to those who are journeying on the path to “wholeness”.

With that being said, are you one among those folks? Do you offer services that assist others seeking wholeness, balance and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit?

If so, I would love to connect with you!

Now, I must mention here… I’m not seeking to be of assistance to “Joe Blow” or “Mary Make-a-Buck”, who have their eye on making that “six figure income” this year that many self-proclaimed gurus want to help others achieve.

No, there are many authentic folks out there that hustle their bustle on a daily basis not because they are seeking to get rich, but because they have a deep, sincere desire to be of service to others in learning to live their best and greatest life.

Those are the folks that it is my desire to be in service to.

I already have my eye on several folks that you’ll hear more about in the days to come, but if you’d like to tap into the probabilities with me, please feel free to contact me!

Until next time, my dear friend. BE well!


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