The Bumpy Road: Our Spiritual Journey

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“The road to becoming more spiritual is a messy one. A bumpy one. One full of roadblocks. But the journey is beautiful and the landscape is breathtaking.” ~ Ashley Strong, Deus Nexus

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The energy I feel around me is very heavy right now. In some ways, it feels almost stifling. This, I believe, is one of the challenges of being an empath. Feeling the lows as well as the highs.

There are many people going through challenging times at the moment. Have you noticed that? Maybe I’m just more aware of it at the moment because it seems I keep running into them. Almost as if Spirit has decided that I am now strong enough as an empath and channel for healing energy (“healer”) that It has magnetized me to them.

A discussion I had with a dear friend, sister, and fellow “healer” recently reminded me of something. Often crises/turmoil in our lives is the beginning point, the catalyst that launches us on to our spiritual journey, toward our awakening.

It’s a notion that is easy to forget, I think. Especially when one has come so far and has put such a great distance between her and that first step she made as part of her own journey.

But, this also reminds me of a couple of posts I came across not too long ago. One from Awareness Act and the other from Deus Nexus.

Both spoke on the subject of the Dark Side of Spiritual Awakening. Because as much as we’d all love to believe that it’s sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops, it really isn’t.

“Becoming awake disconnects us from everything around us. It tears the world apart in our minds and peels us from everything we thought we knew. When we become more awake reality hits us like a ton of bricks.” ~ Awareness Act

It really does! Or, at least, such was my experience.

I cannot remember how many times I sat there afterward, looking at my world with clearer vision and wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into. Quite honestly, there have been times when I’d wished I could just forget all I’d learned by that time and gone back to sleep.

Becoming more spiritual means that you have to be able to look at yourself, other people, and situations with little to no bias. Spirituality teaches us to love those who have hurt us the most. It teaches us to see the lessons in every wound before it can be healed.” ~ Deus Nexus

You know the saying “ignorance is bliss”? There were times when I thought there was a lot of truth in that statement and wished to be “blissful” again.

“Some people begin searching and find something they did not want to find. Those people give up and live in a rut for the rest of their lives. Once you commit to becoming awake you must continue forward. Quitting is not an option, getting stuck is a terrible outcome.”  ~ Awareness Act

There is no going back. “Quitting is not an option.” I learned that real quick. Being stagnate, no longer growing… That feeling can be just as painful as growing, itself.

Would I change any of it?


While it’s true that the Spiritual Journey causes us to shine a light on the bits of our lives that we’d rather not take a look at too closely if at all, it is not all “doom and gloom”. Becoming more spiritually aware of ALL that surrounds us, we are able to see the magic that exists in this world, in this Universe. We’re able to connect better with others, nature, and things beyond this world that we would not be able to “see” otherwise.

This is a beautiful world when our Spiritual Eyes are open! But, it really does take a lot of work to get to that point, and after we do? The Universe still asks a lot of us in order to maintain that clear vision.

What has your experience been like on your Journey thus far? Any words of wisdom to share with others with regard to it? I would love it if you would!

May You Walk in Love and Light, My Friend!


P.S. Here’s a video from Jon Bernie that I found very interesting. I hope you do too! <3

3 thoughts on “The Bumpy Road: Our Spiritual Journey

  1. I’ve been feeling this heaviness as well, and even forced myself to just lay down and nap today to get some relief from it. You’re right, it’s like we are a magnet for it or something. This post allows me to see I’m not alone in these moments, and it’s very encouraging regarding the spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing

    1. Not alone in the least! There are numerous reasons that spurred me to begin writing again… To, hopefully, let others know that they’re not alone on this Journey (no matter where they’re at on it). There are SO many of us, but until we start talking with others, we tend to feel we are and that we’re “crazy” to boot. It is by sharing our experiences that we begin to discover how crazy we are not. 😉 I’m truly glad you found my sharing encouraging. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and connect. I hope we can do it again soon! 💕

      1. Crazy to boot is right 🤣🤣 However, we’re not and just have a unique gift 🎁 Grateful for it. Thanks also for responding. I’ll definitely connect again. Blessings to you

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