Soul Sunday

The Garden Is a “Hot Mess”

Good morning, dear friend!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying a well-deserved respite before going into another “work week”.

I know, for me, this has been a very good weekend. Good for my Heart, Mind, and Spirit. Though, I haven’t done anything that another might label as “productive” or even “exciting”. For me, it has been “good”, and that’s all that matters.

What speaks to us as individuals, speaks to our Hearts and Spirits, it doesn’t need to resonate or even make sense to anyone but ourselves. I hope you will remember that. 😘

As I have mentioned, I am dusting things off on this end. My Spirit is calling me to reconnect and create once more. The side of me that is orderly and efficient and organized (yes, Capricorn rising) is rather horrified, though.

Last year, when I took the new job, I did try to continue with my “side-gigs”, of which there were a few. Between learning a new job in a new industry, my other responsibilities, AND my desire to remain present for my family and other loved ones… Add to that, added financial freedom and a desire to adventure, it was all too much. I needed to follow my Heart and make some cutbacks for my physical health and sanity. The way I went about it, though, may not have been the best, most efficient way.

I went “cold turkey”. I dropped all the balls associated with my spiritual “business” that I was juggling and walked away, and that is how I found them most recently. Pretty much scattered to the wind.

As I got into things, again, part of me wanted to start anew, completely fresh. But as I attempt to consolidate the content I created in the past with the new spaces, I’m realizing that I did have some really good stuff in there. In fact, some of the stuff I’ve come across has been helping me. Almost like mySelf gave Past Me bits of wisdom It knew Future (now Present) Me would need to hear.

Things are a bit of a “hot mess” here. They are not orderly or “pretty”, and our way forward is not perfectly mapped out. In fact, I must make a confession. We’re 5 days away from the 28 Days of Gratitude, and it’s not yet clear what I’ll be doing with it. Only vague notions, really. One could say that I’ll be running it “on a wing and a prayer”, and you know what?


I know that I won’t be alone in the process. Because this return to “the Garden”? It’s NOT about me. It really wasn’t even my idea. I see now that it has been Divinely orchestrated. As was my “departure” last year.

This path of awakening, growth, and evolution is difficult – in and of itself – but when one is faced with the added challenge of balancing a family and a traditional full-time job, it can – at times – feel downright impossible!

Until last year, that fact was something that I really couldn’t relate to given that I hadn’t held such a job in over 20+ years! But this is the sort of existence that MANY OF US live on a day-to-day basis.

At first, I was tempted to say that it’s more of a challenging path than the path of one who works for his/herself or no longer needs to work at all. But the truth of the matter is, it’s not. Each scenario comes with its own challenges. They are just different.

At this point, I’m not 100% certain what this new journey we take together will look like in the days to come, but I DO know, beyond ALL doubt, that we are not here by “accident”. Spirit means us to be here. Both of us. For what purpose or to what end? I’m not certain of that either, but I am grateful to share this beautiful ride with you.

Until next time, dear friend, take care! May you and yours be well in the beautiful days to come.

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