The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Welcome to my little space here on the Internet! I’m so glad that you decided to join me for my newest adventure.

Why this space?

That’s a good question, really, and one that I find I need to answer for myself.

Have you ever felt an urging to do something, but not entirely certain… why? Well, that’s what happened to occur with this space.

Granted, I do have some idea what I desire to accomplish here.

See, there’s an illness that has seemingly spread much like a pandemic throughout my known part of the world – the US – but I imagine it could have spread much further than that.

It’s not an illness that affects the body, per se. Rather, it’s one that affects the Heart, one’s Spirit.

It causes US to forget that we are connected, that we belong to one another, that each of us is part of something greater than the individual.

It is my belief that there is only two true states of being in our universe.

There is love, and the absence of love.

These, I believe, can be viewed as “connection” (with our Source) and “disconnection”.

We’re either connected, or we’re not, and when we’re not, we often experience “fear” in all its many guises (anger, fear, hate, etc).

So, perhaps, if we were to give this illness, this “dis-ease” a name, it might be “DISCONNECTION”.

That is my hope for this space, for my voice, my words… to assist others in connecting with the natural and “unnatural” world as well as those around them, to help all of US  transcend the feeling of being separate that each of US experience at some point or another and learn to make a strong connection with Source, with ALL.

It’s an AMAZING world in which we live. It’s taken me a long time to see it, but this is a wonderful and exciting adventure that each of us has embarked on.

And it was not by some fluke or accident that we happen to be here in this place or this time. We, as souls, made the conscious decision to be here, and, at the time, we were EXCITED by the possibilities we would face. It’s that pesky “veil of forgetfulness“, though, that prevents us from remembering that.

While not remembering, in some respects, can be a good thing, it can – sometimes – be quite trying. Especially when we live much of our life seemingly “stumbling and tripping over our own feet”, “bumping into walls”. If we retained knowledge of what we are capable of from the beginning, rather than having to learn through trial and LOTS of error, we’d have less of a tendency to get beaten down by it. After all, how can we possibly believe that God/Goddess/Source/Spirit/the Universe “has our back” when It seemingly spends more time “stabbing us in it” than not?

But, It does. Have our back, I mean. We just have make a connection, a true – one on one – connection to discover that.

And through that connection, we begin to transcend the veil of forgetfulness and remember that which we need to remember most.

BUT, this journey is NOT about the destination. Rather, it’s about the journey itself, the getting there. Because I certainly don’t profess to have “made it”. I still stumble and fall and make errors, but the stronger I become in my connection, in who I AM beyond this world… the less time the corrections take for me to return to my center.

It is in the “center”, the NOW that true joy, happiness, and absolute bliss occurs.

It’s my hope that I can assist my visitors (you) in locating that space and that you reside in it more often than not.

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