The Purpose of Life: Becoming

wonv7pcI awoke rather suddenly at 4 am this morning after having been in a deep sleep. It was then that a notion popped into my mind, upon which I proceeded to muse.


When I first consciously embarked on my own spiritual journey, I received the idea that I had some great Purpose I needed to fulfill in this lifetime. Needless to say, Ego was quite thrilled by that notion and set out to discover what it was. At the time, though, I have to admit that there was a part of me that desired to figure it out, “get it done and go”.

I wasn’t happy. Not really. I felt so unfulfilled having all that I had imagined I could desire as an almost 30-something. Still, happiness. True happiness seemed to elude me, and – at that point in time – I wasn’t quite certain how it was going to get any better than it was.

It did, though. In time I had learned happiness does not reside outside myself, that no one else was responsible for my happiness or even could make me happy. (But, that’s a musing for another time.)


A couple of years ago (while still searching for my Purpose), I finally received the message from Spirit that “Purpose is in the living.” It was an idea that definitely caused me to stop and take notice. Something to ponder heavily upon.

Purpose is in the living?

You mean I don’t have to accomplish anything??

I’d been so busy trying to discover what it is that I’m supposed to do. It never even occurred to me that life itself, the actual act of living was my “great Purpose”. The situations, the actions, the people. Within those, the Purpose lay.

Even then, though, I believe I was missing the point. Because, of course, Spirit – at least in my experience – wouldn’t give me all the pieces to the puzzle at the same time. That would kill the thrill of discovery, right?

Which brings me to this week…

By following a series of “breadcrumbs”*, I believe I came to better understand this whole notion of “Purpose”. At least as it relates to me at this point in time and on this leg of my own Journey.

I realized that life isn’t meant to be something we struggle to get through. The Universe doesn’t exist for the purpose of our suffering.

Granted, each of our spirits has a reason or even multiple reasons for being here and at this point in time. Mine? I’ve finally realized that I’m here to enjoy life, to discover and live in my own strength and personal power.

I’m here to Be-come all and anything I desire, all that I can imagine myself to BE.

Becoming is my Purpose, and it IS in the living of this life I have been gifted.

Where do I go from here after discovering this tidbit of knowledge? Anywhere I desire! The sky isn’t even my limit, and my oyster is oh-so-much bigger than this world.

Where I’ll end up is anyone’s guess!

* How I lovingly refer to those “signs” that Spirit/God/Goddess/the Universe gifts us with to show us the way to our next great adventure or epiphany.

This post was originally published on Writing the Wild Wind.


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