True Passion: Feeding, Rather Than Depleting

This post was originally published on the Seraph’s Quill.

I have integrated a great deal of “wisdom”, I believe, the past few days with regard to energy.

OH! For certain, I have known a great deal about it for many, many years now. But, we can know things, but really not KNOW things or even how it applies to “real life”, so to speak.

Last week, I met with one of my beloved spiritual sisters last, Mona of Beautiful Mind. During our time together we spoke about balancing the four areas of our lives as humans: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and what activities I currently engage in each of those areas that “feed” me, feed my own energy as an “embodied Spirit” (my words, not hers).

As our discussion progressed, the subject of PASSION came up.

Admittedly, I stopped hard in my tracks at that. Dumbfounded.

For years (quite literally), I’ve been trying to “find my passion”. My Purpose. My “reason for being here at this point in time”, and FOR YEARS… probably more accurate to say “DECADES”… I’ve been at a loss.

Oh, for sure… I thought I’d “found it” many times.

My family.

My spirituality.

Being “in service” to others.

Now, I’m not saying being “in service” to others is a “bad” thing. Not in the least, but if it’s approached in the “wrong” manner, it can drain, rather than feed one.

I know there are those that will read this and think “being ‘in service’ isn’t meant to be about the individual serving. It’s about those one is serving. Otherwise, your Ego (ooooh! Big “Baddie”, itself) is in the driver’s seat.”

See… that’s just it. I have served others. My family and friends. My spiritual community (many of them), and where did I end up?

Energetically imbalanced and depleted to the point where I felt dis-ease was among the main contenders of my near-future potentials if I didn’t do something about it, and SOON.

Our thoughts truly determine whether energy comes to or is drawn from us when we are engaged in an activity.

We can say that something is our “passion” because it is expected of us, but if we do not feel it in our heart of hearts, it’s going to deplete, rather than feed us.

Say for instance one is trying to “save” others… Whatever that person is doing is quite possible for “the sake” of others.

Is that a hard and fast “rule” etched in stone?

Not necessarily. Only that person can determine which it is for themselves, but sure as the sun rises and sets if that person ends up feeling low on energy, sick, or even in pain, they are giving more energy than they are getting back.

Like it or not, we are energetic beings.

Sure. We appear “in the flesh”, but even our flesh is energy. It’s just vibrating at a slower rate.

This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play. (Something I learned from Mona this past week).

We need to limit our energetic “draining” activities to 20% of the time. While the other 80%, we need to make sure to engage in activities that feed us.

That is where PASSION comes into play.

My “assignment” this week has been to come up with my “top 10” passions.

thought it was going to be difficult to complete, and, admittedly, it was… at first.

When I really sat down to ponder it, I realized that I’ve known all along what my passions are, I just hadn’t declared them to mySelf. At least, not really.

But, you know what happened?

When I sat down, journaled about it, and declared “these are the things/undertakings that I’m really passionate about”, Spirit moved to present them as a potential in my life.

Yesterday, I engaged in one passion – photography. Not for the purpose of monetizing my photos “someday”, but because I enjoy it. I always have! Ever since I was a child given my very first camera with the cube flashbulbs. (HA! HA! HA!)

And that’s another thing I’ve come to realize… For me, doing something I love for the purpose of monetizing it (giving my energy away to gain money)… My passion dissipates like a balloon that’s been untied.

But, I digress…

After I did a “photo session” at a beautiful place with my youngest daughter, we went to our local Mythical and Medieval fest. While there, I connected with and engaged in SO many potentials for the passions I’ve written about in my journal the past few days.

It made my Heart… My inner child… SO happy AND excited for the days to come, and that’s exactly what Mona told me it would do.

Passion gives us purpose, a reason for living, for waking up each morning. It stirs within us EXCITEMENT, wondering what WONDERFUL things the new day will bring.

What are you passionate about? What FEEDS your inner fire? Your Inner Child? I would love for you to share here or even on the Seraph’s Quill page on Facebook!

Until we connect again, my dear friend, I send much love and blessings to you and yours.


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