What Is Creativity?

What IS creativity? I’m sure there are quite a few definitions. My thought on it, though, is…

Creativity – in whatever form it takes – is a tangible expression of Spirit.

Now, in my personal definition, one could get hung up on the word “tangible”.

Tan·gi·ble /ˈtanjəb(ə)l/ adjective 1. perceptible by touch.

And one could argue that while an expression of creativity (and, therefore, Spirit) dance and music cannot be perceived through the sense of touch, it CAN be perceived by (touching) the Heart, though. ❤️😘🥰

No matter what we do/create within a vein of creativity, it can be considered an expression of Spirit.

Recently, we purchased what could be considered a “hobby van” for my hubby. (Would that make it, instead, a “hubby van”? 😄) We have been going through some challenging times, and I realized that his creative outlet is “tinkering”.

Now, he argues this is not the case since he’s not actually “creating” anything. Instead, he says, “he is appreciating and utilizing what others create”. “It is akin to appreciating art.”

I, however, argue and stand firm to the idea that this is the manner through which HIS Spirit expresses itself in the world and, therefore, constitutes “creativity” in my mind. After all, we ARE creators at the core of our essence, and, therefore, anything that we do can be labeled as “creative”. 😘 Even if you don’t “possess a creative bone in your body”.

Now, if you are one of those people… Is there something that you do in your life that you can seemingly and easily “lose time” while you’re doing it?

THAT, I believe… No matter what “that” IS… is YOU giving expression to your Spirit.

See, in our “natural state of Be-ing” as a Spirit, we aren’t corporeal. We are simply a high vibrational state of energy. We don’t have the senses that we, in human form, do. And THAT is what draws us, as Spirit, to incarnate and step into these biological space suits. The prospect of sensual experience that each and every situation in our life (“good”, “bad” or indifferent) poses.

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein

In every moment and every situation you experience, as you go through your life, you (as Infinite Intelligence) are expressing your Spirit. Just… sometimes… the human filter, if you will, dissipates your essence at varying degrees. But It (your Spirit) is ALWAYS involved. After all, it is impossible to separate the two while incarnated.

So, it can be argued that you’re always being creative (having fun) because you are always expressing yourSelf.

It really puts a new and expanded perspective on the idea of creativity, doesn’t it? 😘

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Hope to see you there, my friend! ❤️

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