Why Are We Here?

Why are we here? On Earth? At this time?

Many years ago, Spirit told me that my “Purpose is in the living”. My human mind just couldn’t wrap itself around that. “You mean, I’m not here to DO anything???”

Most recently, I’ve discovered the channelings of The Council through Sara Landon, and their words echo this sentiment.

We’re not here to learn lessons… unless that is what you choose.

We’re not here to balance karma… unless that is what you choose.

Each of us is creator living within our creation. Our reality is created by us through our consciousness, through our attention with our reality being that which we experience first hand.

With the growth and expansion of the Internet, it has become extremely possible for us to view the multiverse – the realities of “others” – up close and “personal”. If, however, it is not within our sphere of influence, it is not truly part of our reality.

So, again, what are we doing here?

It is not to “save the world”. You can try, if that is what you choose.

It is not even to “drag” the others “across the finish line” into enlightenment. We canNOT choose for others.

To focus our energy on such pursuits is like taking a trip to Disneyland, then spending your entire time as one of the cast mates.

We humans have turned this whole experience into something it was not meant to be. The purpose, as I understand it, has always to experience joy IN the experience, within our creation. To experience the MAGIC within form.

How do we do that?

Through our attention. What we give more attention (energy) to EXPANDS.

With this thought in mind, I – through the Garden of the Mental Mystic – am returning to a focus which I abandoned some years ago. The Magic. Assisting others – my Spirit friends (you) – to notice and focus on the magic that IS life in ALL its forms. By noticing it, we cause it to further expand in our lives.

Today the moon is in its “new” phase. It is a time for giving birth to things. In alignment with the phase, I have cooked up something new in the Garden of the Mental Mystic group on Facebook.

If you would like to mingle with some bright lights of this world while gaining some assistance and accountability for conscious creation, I invite you to join us over there!

Until next time, my dear friend!

May you be well.

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