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You and the Universe: Co-Creating Your Reality

Hello, my dear friend! This post wrote itself over the course of the day.

I hope you resonate with the message that came through.

With Love and In Service,


Imagine, if you will, that someone has hooked you up to the most intricate, sophisticated, SUPER computer in existence. Its sole (soul) purpose for existing is to serve you, to create into reality that which you need, want, and desire.

How does it do it? It reads your energy – your thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as your actions and reactions related to things and experiences, akin to a lie detection machine.

And from the information it collects about your energy, it creates your reality.

Essentially, this is the nature of the Universe, itself.

Its purpose is to create/manifest what you as Creator (embodied) desire to create.

The challenge that we (as humans) run into, though, is that the Universe doesn’t understand “I only desire to manifest the things/situations of which I am conscious, the things that I desire”. “I only want to manifest this thing that I’m giving positive energy to, but not what I’m (still) giving negative energy to.” “This thing, but not that thing.”

The Universe senses (for lack of a better word) whatever we place our focus onto and doesn’t care about the meaning we give it (good or bad). It just knows that we are giving it energy through our focus. “They must want it manifested into being!” *Poof* “Here’s your reality!”

BUT it does listen! It listens to our thoughts about something, and it listens very well. Maybe too well.

And it believes everything that we say or think about a thing/person/situation.

“That person hates/disrespects me.” “They’re so irresponsible.” “They always set out to hurt my feelings.” “They think I’m inferior.” “They don’t think of anyone else but themselves.” “I’m not good with money.” “I can’t afford that.” “It’s not safe to be me.” “They’re just trying to sell me snake oil.” “I can’t relate to these people.” “I don’t recognize what the world has become.” And so on and so forth.

Then, the Universe shows us things or situations in our experience to support those thoughts, thus proving us “right”. Because we are Creator (embodied), after all. How could we possibly be wrong??

What if, though, we looked at these same things, and, instead of believing what we’ve told ourselves in the past, we used a bit of imagination on our parts? What if we convinced ourselves that “today is a new day” and started believing something NEW about the OLD things and ways of being?

Would it happen overnight? Well, maybe! Maybe if we convinced ourselves that it was possible. Typically, though, we create so much momentum behind the things that we don’t want, that it does take a bit of time to slow it down and reverse the momentum. (Aren’t we powerful beings?!)

Abraham (channeled through Esther Hicks) tells us that the momentum of the things that we manifest slows down while we sleep and that we can use our intention upon awakening to start things moving in the direction we most desire.

BUT if we wake up in the morning, pulling the past into our new day… Things are going to be a bit like Bill Murray’s movie, Groundhog’s Day.

You cannot create a new day from old beliefs and thoughts!

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